"Because It Isn't Over After The Arrest!"


TESTIFYING MADE SIMPLE is THE Premier Witness Preparation Program. Students learn what to expect from all sides during the court process, how to prepare in advance, and how to handle defense tricks and tactics.

Created through the collaborative efforts of prosecutors, judges, trainers, and law enforcement officers, we’ve designed a unique, highly INTERACTIVE program that is both FUN and EDUCATIONAL. Utilizing a variety of teaching methods including positive reinforcement, props, group activities, learning exercises, and role play activities, we keep students on their toes.

DEFENSE ATTORNEYS are busy preparing to handle your officers in Court! Are your officers prepared to handle them?

The US Supreme Court explains the Role of Defense Attorneys:

“DEFENSE counsel has NO comparable OBLIGATION to ascertain or present the TRUTH….If he can CONFUSE a witness, EVEN A TRUTHFUL ONE, or make him appear at a disadvantage, unsure orindecisivethat will be his normal course.”

     (United States v. Wade, 388 U.S. 218, 256 (1967))

PREVENT getting BURNED on the Witness Stand and learning by TRIAL & ERROR. Instead, provide witnesses with the tools to Confidently and Competently testify in Court.