"Because It Isn't Over After The Arrest!"



Michelle Santamaria was AWESOME!!! Very high energy and brought informative insight into the courtroom realm w/ her tips. Going forward, should help me, and my fellow deputies improve on their testifying abilities!! I thoroughly enjoyed this class!! Well worth the S.O.’s $ and time – As an instructor at PBCC, I think this would be great for recruits as well!!

The class was extremely helpful and very much needed. This was the best instructor I have seen. She was very informative and established a great rapport with the class. She established class participation. -Guillermina S., 6 yrs as LEO.

 Instructor was awesome. Valuable training for every deputy. Instructor very knowledgeable. Presentation was on the mark. Fun class. – Seana S., 10 yrs.

This is excellent in-service program for all employees.  Ms. Santamaria is an excellent instructor.  Her presentation made this important topic easy to understand and comprehend.  I have nothing but praise.  Thank you.- Dean J. 27 years.

The variety of teaching methods held my attention the entire class.  The instructor was very positive and full of energy and her enthusiasm caught on to others. –Jim S. , 18 years.

 This course directly affects my job and will help future appearances in court.  I would like to have the course offered more often.  -Michael M., 5 yrs.

 This was a Great Class and is something that I WILL apply when testifying in court. – Osee D, 2 yrs.


The class far exceeded my expectation.  Ms. Santamaria is energetic and passionate about her topic.  Old dogs can learn new tricks. – Steve H., 23 yrs.

Ms. Santamaria made you feel involved immediately when you walked in the class.  – Bruce M, 21 yrs.

Loved the energy. – CSI Veronica E, 4yrs.

This course brought into view things that have never been presented as to case preparation and court presentation. I learned things that I have never been told and was reviewed in things that I have learned in the past. 

– David P, 23 yrs.

Instructor did a fabulous job of presenting the material and making this an interactive class.  Best instructor I have encountered in 24 years of L.E. –Bart A, 24 yrs.

This class should be mandatory during high liability.  Great class, Great instructor.  Enjoyed the teamwork. –Anonymous.

Outstanding course that needs to be taught during the academy (Law enforcement and Corrections).  You might be surprised if I told you that before this class I was lost.  This has helped me a lot. –Willie W, 8 yrs.

This is the greatest class that I was part of.  Very entertaining and educational.  Thanks. –Anonymous, 12 yrs.

At first, I was wondering why I needed this class.  After completing the class, I found out so much that I didn’t know before.  This class has raised my confidence level in courtroom testimony.  I feel an Advanced Class would also be beneficial.  Ms. Santamaria was an awesome instructor. –Ryan M, 5 yrs.

Very good.  Wish they had this when I was newer and didn’t have to learn through trial/error.  Good info, fast paced and enjoyable.  –Randy C, 14 yrs.

Excellent presenter and speaker.  Keeps the class very interesting and alive.  Very informative and knowledgeable.  Great class for initial and as a refresher course. –Hector P, 5 yrs.

Best class I have taken at PBSO.  Very informative.  Instructor was knowledgeable and taught with a lot of energy. – Phil I, 4 yrs.

Why does Michelle “NOT” handle all cases in Palm Beach County?  Michelle was great and very informative.  Michelle has a wonderful attitude and is a fantastic presenter.  The SA’s office needs more of her.  –Steven M, 14 yrs.


This was by far the most interesting, most dynamic and thorough instruction on this topic that I’ve seen in 14 years.  –Edward H, 14 yrs.

This is the best class I have had in 11 years of law enforcement.  This class should be given every 2 years.  It helps a lot knowing what the SA needs/wants and what the defense attorney is going to try.  Michelle is an excellent instructor! –Trent C, 10 yrs.

This was the most enjoyable class in the PBSO.  The instructor had superior knowledge of the topic.  I would like to take this class every year.  –Edward M, 26 yrs.

Outstanding class- Very informative- Knowledge that instructor has is phenomenal. –Stephen L, 30yrs..

This was a very informative class.  I was highly impressed by first the resume of Michelle, next her level of knowledge and expertise.  Please include a class like this for all of the PBSO new hired law enforcement deputies.  This is definitely her forte and the information was received in a very positive enthusiastic, continuous wanting to learn more, way.  I am grateful to have had this class. –William O, 19 yrs.

Instructor was very knowledgeable in her field.  Santamaria’s  presentation was excellent.  This course is a fantastic idea that will greatly enhance the image of PBSO in the courtroom arena. –Michael C, 15 yrs.